Who we are?

The Center for Studies and Innovation in Knowledge Management (CEIEC) is a research institute created in 2007 by the Francisco de Vitoria University with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (Call for Reference Centers and Digital Content - Plan AVANZA; BOE September 20, 2007; PAV-100.000-2007-412) and the European Union through the ERDF Funds.

After several years focused on the research, design and development of Serious Games oriented to the world of disability and culture, the Center is currently dedicated to R&D&i in the field of Artificial Intelligence both in its aspect of basic research in models and algorithms as in that of application to specific domains.

We work with deep neural models (Deep Learning) and evolutionary computing algorithms (Genetic Algorithms) and we apply them, among others, to the fields of medicine, architecture and heritage, AAL (Active & Assisted Living), energy efficiency or legal environment through signal processing, image analysis and natural language processing (NLP). To this end, we collaborate with researchers from other faculties/universities and participate in public and private competitive research projects and R&D&i contracts with companies in these sectors.

We also develop transdisciplinary research in collaboration with humanities departments at the intersection between philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, both in the ethical implications derived from the use of AI, as well as in the anthropological and epistemological concepts of this science.




Promote the digital transformation of society by improving the quality of life, facilitating the elimination of barriers and universalizing knowledge, within the Person-Centered Computing model.


To develop R&D&I project that make new technologies useful, accessible and attractive as an important part of the cultural and economic activities of society, making technological innovation with a social accent.


Knowledge, innovation, social responsibility, academic and research excellence, creativity and initiative.

"Emotions are enmeshed in the neural network of reason"

António Damásio

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The CEIEC has been awarded in the R+D+i on AI Award category by Ametic

The R+D+i on AI Award category went to the Francisco de Vitoria University. Carme Artigas, Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, has been in charge of delivering it to Álvaro García Tejedor, director of the CEIEC – Francisco […]

The UFV Vice President for Research awards an award for patent application to Álvaro García Tejedor, Alberto Nogales Moya and Emilio Delgado Martos

For the first time, the Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV ) has awarded €1,200 for a patent application actually made and registered in the SPTO Registry under the title ARQGAN: “Method for obtaining an image with a restored object” . This project, led by Álvaro García […]


CEIEC has published a paper in Software Impacts journal entitled: “An open-source Python library for self-organizing-maps”. It explains the development of GEMA (GEnerador de Mapas Autoorganizados) a Python library developed for the creation and training of a neural model called self-organizing map. […]

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"A computer that is aware of what it is doing has not yet been designed; but, most of the time, we are not either"

Marvin Minsky


Chair Avanade

The Chair will focus on developing and improving AI solutions using natural language processing to provide more tailored responses from voice assistants.