R&D contracts

Sanitas Sociedad Anónima de Hospitales, S.A.U.

Neural chatbot

Development of a ChatBot based on the model proposed by Stanford University [Bahdanau, Cho & Bengio, 2014] with a purely neural core based on a seq2seq architecture with an attention module. This architecture is composed of two distinct modules, an encoder and a decoder. The encoder reduces the dimensionality of the input data resulting in a representation of the most important features of the input data, while the decoder uses this representation to construct a sequence as similar as possible in the output.

Duration: 2020

Grupo Radio Blanca (Kiss FM/Hit FM/Kiss TV)

Several transfer and development projects for internal systems related to the efficient use of audio streaming for web and Android platforms and with the topographic system for managing broadcasting points and incident management using GIS models and an AI layer.

A consultancy on the situation of Interactive Digital Entertainment in Spain and Europe was also carried out to detect possible market niches for transmedia Digital Entertainment services.

Duration: 2011 - 2016